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Dear Colleagues,

I greet you with love and respect as the 14th term chairman of board and congress chairman of Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey. I am very pleased to invite you to the largest scientific and social event, 7th Eurasian Congress of Emergency Medicine and 17th Emergency Medicine Congress of Turkey, to be held face to face after a long break.

As you know, we had to postpone our traditional Eurasian Emergency Medicine Congress, which we held every two years, because we could not hold it face to face. Unlike the standard congresses, the Eurasian Emergency Medicine Congress is a scientific and socially vibrant, dynamic, and lively congress, where instructors and participants communicate a lot, and experienced academicians share their experiences with young emergency medicine specialists and assistants with small audience groups and we could not find it in our hearts to lose those features. For this reason, after postponing our congress for one year, we planned to hold it face to face at Kaya Palazzo Hotel between 25-28 November 2021.

As usual, we are preparing a fantastic scientific program consisting of the most experienced, active, remarkable, and popular local and foreign speakers, which is befitting the Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey and in accordance with the scientific mission of our association. We are trying to select and bring together our guests who are experts in their fields and subjects that will contribute positively to the professional practices, clinical practices, academic advancement, working conditions and personal rights of emergency medicine specialists and assistants. We are organizing a truly international emergency medicine congress with distinguished speakers and participants from the USA, Europe, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, Azerbaijan and other Turkish states and many other countries. We are making an intense effort for a very comprehensive scientific program that not only emergency medicine specialists, assistants, and emergency room workers, but also many disciplines such as family physicians, intensive care specialists, pediatricians can gain something. We are trying our best to make it an unforgettable congress with the wonderful social events we have planned for you in a magnificent hotel where all our participants can relax, have fun and have a good time with their families.

This year, we chose the theme "Hope”, and the slogan "Hope Rises" for our congress. After two very troubled years, we are trying to give it our best, and by overcoming many difficulties and impossibilities, we are reaching beautiful and sunny days. We chose the symbol of our congress "Snowdrop flower", representing the immense struggle of emergency service workers, emergency medicine specialists, assistants, and all healthcare professionals, which constitute the most important part of this struggle and help humanity to get rid of all these difficulties. We wish to have a wonderful congress where we will get away from all the cold and gloomy environment, increase our professional knowledge with its scientific content, as well as relieve the pain of the past years with its social content, have fun, talk, and hopefully cuddle up.

With my best regards,

Prof. Dr. Süleyman TÜREDİ
Chairman of Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey

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