The First International Conference on Emergency Medicine Education has been postponed to 2021!..


Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to invite you to the 7. Eurasian Congress on Emergency Medicine (EACEM 2020) and 16. Turkish Emergency Medicine Congress (TATKON 2020) We aim to bring Emergency Medicine Specialists and Assistants under the same roof at the most prestigious congress which has proven itself with its scientific content in the field of Emergency Medicine; EACEM and the most traditional and well-established congress of our country; TATKON. Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey, which proves itself with given value to scientific issues with the events held every year is changing the momentum of the congresses and brings together the mentor names in their fields at Antalya Kaya Plazzo Congress Center this year.

Emergency Medicine has been accepted as a profession in our country for over 25 years. Each year, more Emergency Medical professionals are involved in the health system than in the previous year. Our growing community and trying to do better at the congresses each time is the most important source of motivation for the Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey (EMAT). From the beginning of this process, the Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey, has been the biggest supporter of health care workers and Emergency Medical Professionals and will continue to be so. The publications and scientific and educational activities organized by our Association to support continuous medical education have always been the source of reference for institutions and organizations providing emergency medical education and for emergency medical specialists, physicians and medical specialty students.

Education is a gift for our future. Emergency Medicine also has an important place in medical education today. It follows and applies many current methods both before graduation and in specialty education in medicine. The motto of the congress this year has been decided as “Emergency Medicine: Leading the Way in Medical Education and Beyond”. Under this theme, educational materials should contain content that will surround everyone and should be reshaped according to the present day. We see that information changes every day. It is very important that we catch these changes every year. Access to qualified education should be facilitated and the differences between graduate competencies and competencies should be minimized in order to train self-sufficient physicians and specialists who are self-sufficient and independent of the opportunities provided by education.

With EACEM 2020 and TATKON 2020 programs, we organize a congress where we will find communication environment with different trainers and participants besides standard congress formats. We will create a congress where experienced academicians and colleagues who have proven themselves in national and international studies will come together in small study groups.

For the first time in our country by EMAT, programmings like “INNOVEM” and “Let's Talk 5 Minutes” which will change our vision of the future on many issues that we have the chance to discuss and develop social platforms will be presented to your appreciation.
Will there be anny innovations? Surely. As EMAT, we will continue to offer firsts and innovations to your appreciation. With EACEM 2020; we will take the steps that will guide the future while talking with the world-famous Emergency Medicine experts and guides that will change our daily practice. While discussing national health problems with TATKON 2020 with the philosophy of physicians towards the society, we will find solutions oriented methods for the problems of emergency services in our country. As a result, we invite you to a rich scientific content, a pleasant social environment and a cozy and warm scientific event where you can feel at home.

Your participation and support will be the strength of the Emergency Medicine expertise.
Sincerely Yours,

Prof. Dr. Süleyman Türedi
President of
Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey

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